U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Heben Leads Operation to Ensure No Customer Left Behind

Fairlawn, OH — Michael W. Thompson, Founder and CEO of the Montrose Auto Group featuring 12 manufacturer brands at 13 locations throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, has green-lighted a mission to promote his regional group of automotive dealerships with the support of U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Mark Heben.

Thompson, a retired Army veteran with experience in Vietnam, enlisted the former Navy SEAL, whose tours of duty included operations in Iraq, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, in order to promote the patriotic themes of growth and prosperity in today’s often unsettling climate.  Heben, from Northeast Ohio, together with Thompson share an undying patriotism for their home and for America.

Following the termination of Osama Bin Laden, Chris emerged as the national media’s most featured special operations subject matter expert, appearing in hundreds of interviews on over-the-air television, cable news networks, and national and regional radio networks including NPR, providing expertise and relevance on a variety of topics relating to the special operations community.

Coinciding with the launch of spring and capitalizing on the high demand for quality and affordable automobiles as witnessed at this year’s Cleveland Auto Show, Thompson and Heben will unveil a broadcast and digital marketing campaign featuring the U.S. Navy SEAL as the new spokesperson for the Montrose Auto Group, with an enduring message of “No Customer Left Behind,” through traditional media including television, print and digital marketing outlets.

The Montrose Auto Group features highly trained, manufacturer certified sales and service personnel, and works with a variety of local, regional and national lenders to provide financing solutions for every conceivable situation.  Now featuring U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Heben, you’ve now got a NEW friend at Montrose!


About The Montrose Auto Group

The Montrose Auto Group features 12 brands at 13 locations throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.   Our mission at the Montrose Auto Group is to be the best in every aspect of our business by providing unparalleled customer service through our professional and courteous sales and service associates, while supporting the community that we work and live in.  And Remember, “You’ve Got a Friend at Montrose!”  For more information on the Montrose Auto Group please visit http://www.GoMontrose.com.

About Christopher Mark Heben

Upon leaving active duty with the United States Navy SEALS, Chris Heben performed duties as a Special Operations Team Leader for a private military contractor in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Al Qaeda in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb operations.  Through these initiatives, Chris helped to establish and enforce US foreign policy.  Chris remains an active member of the US Special Operations community.

Chris Heben is an internationally recognized public speaker and continues to pursue his passion for the creative arts in the form of television and film acting, song writing, singing performances and voice acting.  Today, he is the official voice for Under Armour’s new hunting TV show, Ridge Reaper, and co-star of Animal Planet’s Ivory Wars.  Chris is currently hard at work promoting his debut album, The Patriot Project, and is legendary in international circles for his motivational speaking engagements.  Chris is working on an autobiography entitled “Undaunted” in the hopes of inspiring others to pursue their dreams.   For more information on Christopher Mark Heben please visit http://www.ChrisHeben.com.

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